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When you reach the end of your cancer treatment, the world can seem like a very lonely & scary place. You’re trying to fit back into a life that has changed beyond recognition and everyone seems to think you’re fine because ‘the hard part is over’.

I’m here to help you through the stuff you might struggle with when you leave the hospital. I’m here to give you the confidence to get back out there and live your life to the full.

Because it’s not about trying to fit back into the same old routine. It’s about embracing your new reality. 

Your Coach

Oh, hi there! I’m Allie – a confidence coach, based in South Wales, UK. Having been through cancer myself as a teenager, I know how difficult it can be to recover once treatment ends.

Now, I’m determined to help others who may have survived cancer or who are dealing with other chronic illnesses, to regain their confidence and create the life they want.

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Coaching Courses

I run one-on-one sessions with my clients, via video call. We’ll get to know each other and discuss your goals. Over the three month period, we’ll focus on things like building your self-worth, communicating with others and, most importantly, your mindset.

We’ll get creative along the way too, as I believe losing yourself in a piece of writing, art or music can be the most cathartic experience.

See what my clients say…

“I would thoroughly recommend Allie and her incredible, life-changing course. It’s changed my life for the better & I haven’t even finished it yet!”

Client with chronic illness

Let’s work together to get your life back on track.

From less than £42 a session & with the option to pay in monthly installments.

Pathway to Courage

6 week course

  • Weekly Skype calls for six weeks
  • Email check-in halfway through week
  • Monthly installments available
Confidence Breakthrough Course

Coming Soon

Confidence Transformation Course

Coming Soon

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